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Drywall is a name commonly given to plasterboard walls, which is a material widely used to create walls and ceilings and is usually attached to brick. This variety of materials and uses means the fittings and fasteners used in conjunction with these is very important. Furthermore, these can be used in some challenging environments, mainly construction sites.

Cavity walls require a similar amount of consideration when looking at fixings and fasteners. A cavity wall is a wall formed by an inner and outer skin, with a space or ‘cavity’ in between. The skins are usually masonry or brick, and the cavity can be used to drain water or to install insulation.drywall fixings and fasteners

These specialist materials therefore require specialist fixings and fasteners. Plasterboard can be a delicate material that definitely needs to be used correctly, as mistakes are hard to cover up. Therefore the fixings and fasteners used with drywall and cavity wall products need to be correct because they can influence appearance, strength and longevity.

Why drywall fixings are important

As a result of this there are an array of products which have the properties of being heavy duty, but also versatile and easy to use. Our range of specialist screws have a variety of heads and threads to aid self-drilling and the amount of strength you need, with fine or coarse threads a major consideration.

With plasterboard, or drywall products, the importance in getting this right is not just in the strength of the fixings you choose to use. Any hole in plasterboard is permanent, and is very hard to repair. You can also damage the entire structure of a plasterboard sheet if you use the wrong product.

Wall anchors – also known as brolly fixings – are a specialist fixing used widely with cavity walls. They essentially attach one object to another by inserting a screw into a sleeve. This provides maximum load capacity, as well as grip and resistance, and all the screws are corrosion resistant to aid their longevity.

Our range of drywall fixings and fasteners

Amongst the Kayfast range of drywall fixings and fasteners are tools for drilling and attaching metal plasterboard fixings, as well as cutting plasterboard with a jab saw. These are all critical elements of the drywall process. It is absolutely vital that you choose the right tools and fixings for the job in order to carry out what can be a delicate application in the right manner, to ensure the fixing remains in place over the long term and provides maximum stability.

So speak to the sales experts at Kayfast about your drywall and cavity wall fixings and fasteners requirements, and we can advise on the specific application you are undertaking and recommend the right items for the job. Contact Kayfast today and your drywall project will be safely in place for the long term.

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