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Wood Screws

Wood screws are typically used for fastening two pieces of wood together, and the purpose of the pointed end is to ‘grab’ the wood easier without causing splitting or cracking of the material.

Wood screws are used for joining in applications where appearance isn’t too important, in this case round head wood screws would sit proud of a flat surface, whilst flat head wood screws would be flush to the surface. As opposed to using an adhesive for joining, wood screws also allow the wood to expand and contract without causing damage.  

Our range of wood screws includes many different diameters and thread lengths, which vary according to how much penetration and grip you need.

Pozi Countersunk Wood Screws

Premium Wood Screws

Round Head Wood Screws

Slotted Countersunk Wood Screws

Raised Countersunk Wood Screws

Pozi Countersunk Chipboard Screws

Pozi Pan Head Chipboard Screws

Black Japanned Round Head Wood Screws

Carcass Screws

Pozi Countersunk Decking Screws

Square Drive Decking Screws

Torx Pin Round Head Security Screws

Torx Pin Countersunk Head Security Screws

Coach Screws

Clutch Head Security Screws

Landscape Screws

Roofing Screws For Fixing To Wood

Mirror and Decorative

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