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Gas Soldering Iron Kits

Gas-powered soldering is a common practice across many industry sectors and has become popular as a safe, practical and value-for-money discipline for many different trades. At Kayfast we can supply you with a range of reliable and cost-effective soldering iron kits which cover many different power and practical requirements, and this is what we will be looking at here.

Soldering is a simple and effective means of joining metals. It is commonly used in plumbing for joining pipes, in several forms of metalworking and it is particularly common in procedures where electrical circuit boards are built or repaired. The adaptability of soldering means it is suitable for high volume assembly lines or for carrying out simple repairs or even just tinkering in a small workshop. Whatever your requirements, we have the suitable equipment for you at Kayfast.gas powered soldering iron kit

What is a soldering iron?

A soldering iron is a hand-held tool which is the combination of a heated metal tip and a thermally insulated handle. Heat is generated through an element in the handle, which with a controlled tip can then melt metal solder when it reaches high temperature. The melted solder then runs into a joint to provide a better more uniform connection and cools quickly to form a solid bond of materials.

The soldering iron can be mains-powered but there are specific advantages to this being gas-powered, namely:

  • You have a better accessibility to hard-to-reach areas with no trailing cables
  • Better temperature adjustment and control
  • A lightweight refillable soldering iron

Our Kayfast range of cordless gas-powered soldering irons are a combination of safe and effective tools suitable for small applications or heavy-duty soldering. Our range includes portable lightweight irons for delicate or occasional soldering, right up to high power, heavy-duty irons for large scale and repeated soldering of heavy items.

Our gas-powered soldering iron kits

In addition to their varying power outputs, our tools all have safety features in terms of an insulated handle and easily-replaceable gas attachments, but are lightweight and easy to use and store away. This includes our soldering kits; a handy and comprehensive collection of the gun itself, but also a cap with integrated flint lighter, tips and torch heads, blower attachments, rolls of solder, tip cleaning accessories and a handy carrying case. This means you have everything you need to start soldering if you are self-employed or own a small business, or if you are supplying a maintenance or installation team at a large manufacturing or construction site.  The beauty of soldering is that the principle activity stays the same, but you can ramp up your output to carry out large scale repairs or production work very easily.  

You can speak to our sales experts who can talk you through our range of butane-powered soldering irons. We can discuss with you the soldering disciplines you are carrying out and match your organisation with the power output and design of tool that suits you best. This means you will be supplied with a professional soldering iron suited to your needs, and will have a long term solution that offers years of practical and effective soldering.


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