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Magnetic Drilling Equipment

One of our most popular ranges of tools and equipment is our magnetic drilling range. Most likely this is because of the versatility and practicality of magnetic drilling, which has led to it becoming one of the most frequently used cutting and drilling disciplines in the sector.mag drill uk

What is magnetic drilling?

Magnetic drilling is a way to drill or cut different types of metals – usually carbon steel - to different diameters and depths. That might seem fairly routine, but the critical factor is that this type of machining uses a magnet to clamp the machine to the material machine piece. This gives the operation some stability and enables it to be adapted for many different drilling and cutting scenarios. Indeed, magnetic drilling can be undertaken in vertical, horizontal and overhead positions.

Drills and cutters follow this same principle and hence, magnetic drilling tools can be both portable and hand-held, as well as being versatile and practical.

What are the benefits of magnetic drilling?

Magnetic drills are ideal for cutting or drilling procedures in hard to reach locations. The magnet provides stability, which is crucial to enable you to carry out precision operations, but more importantly to do this safely with a secure machine piece to work with.

Precision and safety are important factors in magnetic drilling, but so also is consistency and speed. Often you are drilling a long series of pieces and whilst speed is important to make the operation cost-effective, quality is more important so that you can achieve a high standard of workmanship. The magnetic drill – or the mag drill as it is often known – does precisely that.  

Understanding magnetic drills

There are four main components to a magnetic drilling set-up. These are a magnetic base, a drill stand, a motor and an arbor or chuck. Someone working with a magnetic drill will need cutters, twist drills, taps, reamers and countersinks to make up their full range of tools and equipment.

Our range of magnetic drills

We have designed our range of magnetic drills to cater for the wealth of applications and materials commonly used in this industry sector. As such this has become one of our most popular product sectors. Our range consists of machines with differing power and performance characteristics and with different accessories and practical user features incorporated.

You can choose from the Jancy Minibeast magnetic drill to the Rotabroach commando 40 magnetic drill and cutter set, which provides a range designed to cater for all users and requirements. Our top of the range products combine design features based on our years of industry experience, and because we know what magnetic drill users need from their tools and equipment.

So get in touch today and we can discuss your applications, budgets and designs and what type of equipment would be most suitable to you. We have built up an impressive range of equipment which matches our experience in the industry, so make sure you take full advantage of it by getting in touch today.


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