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Reasons To Buy A Magnetic Drill

Regardless of what application they want it for, anyone looking for a drill wants three key things; precision, stability and versatility. It is difficult to secure all three of these qualities in one piece of equipment, but the magnetic drill - more commonly known as a mag drill – manages this and has grown to become the essential tool for you, whether it is for construction, repairs and maintenance work, engineering or simply for home improvements.mag drill

What is a mag drill?

It might not surprise you to learn that a mag drill has a magnetic base, and this is the key to its unique qualities. A magnetic base clamps the drill to the surface of a workpiece and hence provides the stability which in turn enables precise drilling and cutting. Because the tool is secured to a flat surface, this enables the drill to be used in a variety of different positions, such as vertical, horizontal and even overhead.

There are usually four main parts to a mag drill; the magnetic base, the drill stand, the motor and the arbor or chuck. This allows you to change tooling as required for different applications, such as different cutters, drills, taps and counter sinks.

Where can a mag drill be used?

A mag drill is great for working in a variety of different positions. This versatility is the main benefit of the mag drill and means it can be used in hard-to-reach or hard-to-access locations. This can be in and around the home or at work when carrying out on-the-go repairs, it can also be great for working on construction sites where you are faced with a huge number of different locations and tasks. And the stability and consistency of the tool means it can also be used for fabrication and manufacturing, where repeated drilling or cutting is required.

Tips for using a mag drill

The stable working position that a mag drill enables makes it a special and unique tool. Certainly it allows you to work on surfaces where it would be dangerous to use any other type of tool. The strong magnetic force enables you to work on many different surfaces, but they must be a ferrous metal, such as carbon steel, for the magnetic force to work and create the required stability.

You should therefore always check the connection and stability before you start drilling, and it is also advisable to make sure your surface is flat and clean, and that the base of your tool is also clean. This will help create a secure magnetic connection. It is also possible to use a safety chain to secure the tool, in case power cuts out and you lose the magnetic connection. This could otherwise result in injury, particularly if you are working in an overhead position.

Our range of mag drills

We have an extensive range of mag drills suitable for a variety of applications and capable of accommodating different tooling. You can speak to our sales experts and discuss the type of work you are carrying out and we can recommend the right type of mag drill for you. So give us a call today ( 01924 276555 ).

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