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Stainless Steel Washers

You may have heard about stainless steel washers many years ago, and you may even have been fitting them yourself for quite some time, but have you ever wondered what they actually do? A washer is a pretty simple item, and it is easy to fit them without giving them much thought, but they actually perform a very important function. A washer is generally used with a machine threaded fastener and nut to distribute the load of the fastener it is carrying over a greater surface area. This is particularly important when fastening bolts, screws or nuts.washers

The load that is being spread by the washer could be under the head of the bolt, in the space between the material surfaces or under the connecting nut. The washer therefore has a variety of uses, and being stainless steel – and hence a very strong material – the washer is good for making the connection robust and durable, as it has a high corrosive resistance.

The benefits of a stainless steel washer

Stainless steel washers are an important part of any fastener assembly as they prevent wear and distortion and can be used in many different applications. Another benefit is that they make maintenance tasks much easier, as their load-bearing quality makes the loosening and/or tightening of components largely trouble-free. The stainless steel material also makes them suitable for use in the electronics industry, in the food industry, in the chemical industry and of course in construction applications.

This variety is reflected in the range of stainless steel washers available from Kayfast. Our range contains a large selection of different sizes, thicknesses and diameters. We also supply washers that act as a seal, and also specialist washers such as the serrated lock, cup washers and square plate washers.

At Kayfast we understand that your applications have to be done right, and sometimes the critical factor is a millimetre in thickness, or the difference the right size of washer can make. That is why our washers are manufactured to conform with British Standards, and why our sales experts can point you in the right direction to using the correct washer for the application you are undertaking.

Our range of stainless steel washers

Our range of washers reflects all standard applications and also helps with specialist applications, and whether you are at home or at work, we can professionally advise you on the correct washer in terms of size, shape and thickness. We can also offer a ‘no minimum quantity’ policy, which means that if you only want one washer, then you only need to order one washer. We understand that it is common to have part-bags of washers, nuts, bolts and screws in your toolbox and the last thing you need is for these to get spilt and mixed up, to the point where it is impossible to tell one from another. So at Kayfast you only need to order what you really need, and our fast delivery and value-for-money prices mean your project is cost-effective.     

The everyday washer isn’t a component that is greatly valued, but it provides an important function and at Kayfast we have designed our range to reflect that, whilst offering you the options and qualities you need to get the job done.

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