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Why A Soldering Iron Is A Good Investment

A soldering iron is a light and portable, hand-held instrument containing a resistive heating element. This is used to heat the instrument’s tip to melt solder and create a solid metal to metal bond. This is commonly used in building printed circuit boards and in other small metalworking applications.soldering iron picture

Soldering irons range in power output and are typically 20 to 50 watts. The wattage controls how fast the tip heats up, rather than how hot it actually gets. However, the heat produced is usually between 380°c to 460°c. The solder is easy to manipulate and to locate in the necessary position, but it cools very quickly, so you need to be accurate and precise.

For this reason there are various attachments and accessories which can aid the safe and accurate application of solder, and most soldering irons have safety features which also aid handling and storage of the instrument.

Why soldering irons are popular

Soldering irons are popular for small electronic circuitry practices and for use in the home or in small metalworking workshops, and in that sense you can quite easily find an affordable and suitable soldering iron for your purposes. However, many people find that only a small investment is required to get a much better quality of soldering iron and to accompany this with the necessary accessories. This modest level of investment is likely to provide a suitable soldering iron with the kind of precision, build quality and accessory types to suit your needs for a number of years. More heavy duty users can find a soldering iron with more power and more handling characteristics to suit their requirements.

For the hobbyist or the light user, there are plenty of practical and great value soldering iron kits available, most of which are gas powered. These include the tool itself, but come accompanied with a range of application tips for various levels of precision, lighter instruments, torch heads, hot air blowers and tip cleaning instruments. These offer everything you need for routine and long term use, but also to maintain the instrument in good condition and ensure you get effective output from the instrument and maximise its useful lifespan.

Our range of soldering irons

At Kayfast we have a good range of soldering irons and related kits for every budget and for every level and frequency of use. These can be portable instruments that are easily stored away, but we do find that many users like to build a semi-permanent soldering station in their workshop where you can create a specialist work area and have holders for your solder and your various accessories.

You can speak to our sales experts who can recommend the right products for you, and because our knowledge of the industry is so specialised we can appreciate your type of application and the kind of budget you have, and hence can recommend something that suits your budget. So get in touch today and we can make sure that your investment in a soldering iron kit is the best value for money you will spend all year.

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