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Our Hexagon Screw Range

hexagon screw rangeHexagon screws are a very common type of fastener used in many different industry sectors, mainly due to their versatility. Naturally, they have a six-sided head, which is shaped in this way in order to aid the use of a wrench or spanner. This tool is gripped against the hexagon head to provide more torque strength and therefore to enable a stronger fastening.

Our range of hexagon screws are used to fasten wood to wood and metal to wood, although there are some more specialist uses, which we shall discuss shortly. Hexagon screws are popular in construction and engineering, and also in the automotive industry, and this popularity mainly comes from the fact they are easy to tighten and loosen using the right tool.

The screws are either fully threaded or partially threaded, and are usually supplied in either plain steel – for internal use where appearance is important – or in stainless steel or galvanised steel – for external use where appearance is less important.

Kayfast stock a huge range of hexagon screws, which are typically ex-stock and are available with no minimum order quantity, meaning if you only need one screw, you literally only need to order one screw and we will ship it out to you. So let’s have a look at our range:

Set Screws

These are always fully threaded and are a popular screw due to their versatility. We can supply set screws in metric sizes, but also in UNF, UNC, BSF and BSW.


These are always partially threaded, and are supplied in metric sizes as well as UNF and UNC.

Flanged Screws

The inclusion of a flange in the screw design removes the need for a separate washer. This makes the finished item more attractive and is easier to fasten, as there is no separate item to deal with. The flange acts to spread the load over a larger surface area and also protects the bolted component from scratches when a tool is used to tighten it.

Carriage bolts

A carriage bolt is used to bolt timber, and the design has a square neck beneath the head, which aids the act of tightening the bolt, but also grips the timber to prevent the piece from rotating during the tightening process.

Coach screws

These are a heavy duty wood screw and of course have a hexagon head. These are often used in masonry in conjunction with a nylon plug for stability.

Let our sales staff help you

We appreciate that not everyone is an expert in selecting the right fasteners, so let us use our knowledge to your advantage. If you contact us we can help you select the right type of screw and the right size that you need. We understand the different materials and applications you might be working with and we can translate this into knowing what fasteners you will need. So get in touch today and we can provide you with value-for-money hexagon screws, in the exact quantities you require and supplied to the very high standards you have come to expect.

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