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Knipex concentrate on the manufacture of pliers, the result is a world leading range of tools for the professional user, here we offer a range of tools for specific applications.

KNIPEX 00 11 01 TwinKey® Control Cabinet Key for all standard cabinets and shut-off systems 92 mm

KNIPEX 00 19 56 Set of Circlip Pliers 4 parts

KNIPEX 00 19 57 Set of Circlip Pliers 4 parts

KNIPEX 00 20 03 SB Precision Circlip Pliers Set

Knipex 240mm American Style Lineman's Pliers 1912240

KNIPEX 12 85 110 SB Stripping tool for fibre optics cable 190 mm

KNIPEX 28 71 280 Long Reach Needle Nose Pliers with transverse profiles plastic coated black atramentized 280 mm

KNIPEX 81 11 250 Siphon and Connector Pliers with non-slip plastic coating black atramentized 250 mm

KNIPEX 98 56 Cable Knife with replaceable blade 190 mm

KNIPEX 22 02 160 Round Nose Pliers with multi-component grips black atramentized 160 mm

Knipex 160mm Winners Limited Edition Diagonal Side Cutter Pliers, 70 02 160 S7

Knipex Double Joint Control Cabinet Key 001106V03

Knipex 4 Piece Circlip Plier Set 1957

Knipex Junior Hacksaw VDE Insulated Frame With Changeable Cutting Blade 9890

KNIPEX 85 51 250 A Spring Hose Clamp Pliers with non-slip plastic coating grey atramentized 250 mm

Knipex Angled Electricians Scissors Model: 95 05 20SB

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