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Precision tweezers are generally used in all areas where it is important to grip smaller parts in a targeted manner. Depending on what you want to grip and process with the tweezers, different tip shapes are suitable.

The KNIPEX range includes various types of pointed tweezers that have very fine, needle-like gripping jaws. They are the perfect working partners when it comes to very fine work. They are available in a straight and or crescent shape so that they can also easily reach into areas hidden under other components.

There are also gripping jaws for gripping horizontally arranged cylindrical components, which have slightly curved gripping surfaces.

VDE tweezers from KNIPEX
The KNIPEX range also includes precision tweezers with which work in the electrical field is possible: The VDE insulation offers tested protection when working on cables with up to 1000 V. Each tweezer that leaves the KNIPEX factory is previously subjected to a test according to IEC 60900.
You can recognize the VDE tweezers by the red immersion insulation and its imprint '1000 V' 

ESD tweezers from KNIPEX
ESD tweezers are often necessary for use in the electronic field, for example when working with sensitive computer buttons. They are coated with a conductive surface so that small electronic parts are not damaged by electric shocks. ESD tools are specially designed so they can be used in areas with electrostatic discharge.

KNIPEX 92 00 05 ESD Plastic Tweezers Set ESD 5 pieces

KNIPEX 92 00 04 Universal Tweezers Set insulated 5 pieces

KNIPEX 92 01 05 Universal Tweezers 120 mm

KNIPEX 92 21 07 Universal Tweezers 110 mm

KNIPEX 92 21 08 Universal Tweezers 140 mm

KNIPEX 92 34 36 Universal Tweezers 152 mm

KNIPEX 92 47 01 Universal Tweezers insulated 142 mm

KNIPEX 92 67 63 Universal Tweezers insulated 145 mm

KNIPEX 92 72 45 Universal Tweezers 145 mm

KNIPEX 92 09 01 ESD Plastic Tweezers ESD 115 mm

KNIPEX 92 09 02 ESD Plastic Tweezers ESD 115 mm

KNIPEX 92 09 03 ESD Plastic Tweezers ESD 110 mm

KNIPEX 92 34 37 Universal Tweezers 155 mm

Knipex 90 69 84 Plastic Serrated Tweezers 129mm

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