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Knipex concentrate on the manufacture of pliers, the result is a world leading range of tools for the professional user, here we offer a comprehensive range of water pump pliers to suit every application.

Knipex 2 Piece Waterpump and Combination Plier Set 00 20 72 V06

Knipex 250mm Smartgrip Self Locking Waterpump Pliers 85 01 250

Knipex 250mm VDE Insulated Waterpump Pliers 87 26 250

Knipex 3 Piece Plier Set - Waterpump, Combination, Side Cutter 00 20 09 V01

Knipex 250mm Siphon Trap Gripping Pliers 81 01 250

Knipex "Cobra" Push Button Waterpump Pliers 87 01

Knipex Set Of 3 Cobra Waterpump Pliers 00 20 09 V02

Knipex 250mm Soft Jaw Plastic Pipe Pliers 81 11 250

Knipex 250mm Cobra Quickset Waterpump Pliers 87 22 250

Knipex Set Of 3 Alligator Waterpump Pliers 00 20 09 V03

Knipex 100mm Mini Cobra Waterpump Pliers 87 00 100

Knipex 250mm Cobra Extra Slim Waterpump Pliers 87 51 250

Knipex 2 Piece Waterpump Pliers and Wrench Set 00 20 72 V01

Knipex "Alligator" Waterpump Pliers 88 01

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