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Self Tapping Screws

Self tapping screws are primarily designed to be screwed into sheet metal up to 1mm thick, but are also used in wood and plastic. The screws are mostly still manufactured in imperial gauge sizes No.2 to No.14 of various lengths. As the name suggests these screws form/cut threads in a pre-drilled hole in the receiving material ensuring a strong tightly fitted thread. As with any product designed to cut, these screws will only cut into material which is softer than the screw material. A full range of screw head and drive types are on offer to suit your application. 

Pozi Pan Self Tapping Screws

Pozi Countersunk Self Tapping Screws

Raised Pozi Countersunk Self Tapping Screws

Flanged Pozi Self Tapping Screws

Socket Cap Head Self Tapping Screws

Hexagon Head Self Tapping Screws

Flanged Hexagon Head Self Tapping Screws

SEMS Self Tapping Screws

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